How to Add Ping List Service to WordPress

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Those who are using WordPress for quite some time must know the importance of ping services. This is a free service from WordPress that is really beneficial, specially whenever you publish any post it sends a Ping to each of the service listed. So you need to have your own ping list to index faster.

How to Add Ping List to WordPress

How to Add Ping Services to WordPress

Assume that you have already got your own ping list. If not, refer to my another post for WordPress Ping list 2013.

Now go to Dashboard> Settings> Writing Options.

Add the ping services to the list and save option.

Wordpress Ping List

You can also optimize the service with MBP Ping Optimizer plugin. At first download, install it and activate the plugin.

Go to settings> MBP Ping Optimizer and add your list. Click Save.

Under ‘more options’, you can also limit excessive pinging here.

MBP Ping Optimizer


It is a common assumption that WordPress default service send excessive pinging. It is assume that whenever you publish any post that time it ping once, again when you update the post later it pings again. So you can use a ping optimizer plugin like MBP or CBnet and integrate your WordPress ping list with it for better result.

Download MBP Ping Optimizer

Download CBnet Ping Optimizer

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