How to Change Font Size in WordPress

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Many newbies working with WordPress struggle to change font size for the content of their posts and pages. When I started with WordPress for the first time, I also faced the same problem and many like me might also wonder how to change font size in WordPress for the first time.

Changing WordPress Font Size

Those who are CSS expert can change it by adding few lines in their stylesheet but those who are not expert in CSS can find below alternative ways to change font size in Wordpress.

1. Using Paragraph Headings

how to change font size in wordpress

Editors want to grab user attention by changing the header font size. You can use different heading title for different sizes. In the post editing screen under ‘Paragraph’ tab you will find the option to change Heading1 to Heading6. Though this method works mostly for heading tag only and doesn’t look good if you use for your paragraph content, we’ll move to better way to change WordPress font size using plugins.

2. Using TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

tinymce advanced plugin

Another option to change font size in WordPress using free TinyMCE Advanced plugin. After installing this plugin, you will see a number of font sizes added in the Visual Editor mode (post editor screen) to suit your needs. The main problem is that if you ever change your current WordPress theme, it may affect the font size in all posts.

3. Using Big Ed Plugin

Another option to change WordPress font size using plugin. This is a fantastic plugin I am using specifically for styling my bullets (you can have a look at some bullets styling I have used in this page). It is capable to change font size in WordPress and font family as well. You can also add Johnson Box and various Paragraph separator style. You need to pay a small $14 fee to purchase and can use it on multiple sites. You can purchase it through my affiliate link from WSO if you like this plugin.

How to change font size in WordPress

4. Thesis Theme Option page

This is probably the best solution for Thesis Theme (aff link) users. Thesis users can change it directly from WordPress Dashboard> Thesis> Design Options> Content Area> Change font size. Whenever you change your WordPress font size from here, it will effect all the posts and pages of your site. You can also change font family such as Georgia, Trebuchet MS, Time New Roman, Arial etc as per your choice.

All of these methods are proved useful and you can use any mean to change font size in WordPress posts and blogs. If you have other useful experience to change font size, please share with us through comments.

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