How to Change WordPress Username

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Being the most popular blogging platform, many sites are built on WordPress and hence WP sites are more vulnerable to hacking. Once you install WordPress, the basic action you need to take to increase security is to change WordPress username. Because by default WordPress username is ‘admin’ which is easier for hacker to crack your password by brute-force attack as they know your username!

So how you will change your username in WordPress? Here we’ll discuss 2 basic methods:

  • Dashboard Method
  • Cpanel/PhpMyAdmin method

Change Username from Dashboard

change wordpress username from dashboard

1. You can change WordPress Username directly from your dashboard. To do this, first login to your dashboard.

2. Go to Users > Add new > Enter all the details with new username (Must select new user Role as Administrator > Click on Add new user.

3. Once you have added new user, you need to logout from WP. Because you cannot delete the current username while login to the same account. After logout, login again with newly created username.

4. Now go to Users > All Users > Select the username ‘Admin’ and click on delete.

how to change username in wordpress

5. On the confirmation screen, select “Attribute all posts and links to” the new user, so that new user’s name appears with all current posts and links. Click on ‘confirm deletion’ button and you’re done!

Change Username from Cpanel > PhpMyAdmin

Those who are bit more experienced can change WordPress username from Cpanel. The main benefit is that you do not need to create additional username and delete the old one like previous case.

1. To do this, login to your Cpanel first.

how to change wordpress username

2. Once login to Cpanel, click on PhpMyAdmin.

change wordpress username

3. Next select the database where your blog is hosted. If you have multiple blogs or sites installed, then it will show as _wrdp1, _wrdp2, _wrdp3 and so on. Select the right database.

change wordpress username

4. Find and click on wp_users from the left menu and click on edit the username on the right side.

change wordpress username from cpanel phpmyadmin

5. Change the default user_login value from ‘admin’ to your desired one. Click on the Go button and you’re done to change WordPress username!

Go to your site and login to your dashboard with the new username.

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