How to Check Online Plagiarism with Copyscape

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

The number of contents in online are rapidly growing everyday as well as new blogs are emerging. There are certain times when your blog grows popular and others are stealing your contents publishing to their site. This is really a annoying one for you and obviously there are certain techniques to fight with copying content for you as well.

Though most of them are time consuming method and every time you cannot manage a significant amount of time to fight with them. However there is a matter of hope that search engines like Google can identify which post is copied and which one is original based on the indexing date and time and can punish those content scrapper sites by decreasing pagerank and lowering SERP.

Check Online Plagiarism with Copyscape

However, coming to the original discussion, you can check such online plagiarism with Copyscape tool. It is absolutely free to check with Copyscape, but the results are not 100% accurate with free one. Still it is a good one to check your site primarily.

How to Check Online Plagiarism with Copyscape

For the preimum Copyscape, it has 2 versions:

1. Copyscape Premium

Copyscape Premium is the option where you can paste the article and check whether the content is unique or not.

2. Copysentry

Copysentry automatically check the web daily and email you whenever any content from your site is copied!

You can learn more about the premium options here.

Copyscape Premium

For using the Copyscape premium, you can purchase 200 credits for $10, where each checking will cost you 1 credit. Simply paste your article there and copyscape will search the web superfast.

You can also check other tools for checking content theft and plagiarism.

Also check how you can prevent content theft for your blog if you are really worried about someone copying content from your blog.

Share your ideas you are getting with content theft and online plagiarism. Did you check your blog with Copyscape tool? What is your anti-plagiarism strategy to fight with copying content?

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