How to delay in WordPress Feed Publishing using Feed Pauser Plugin

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

We all know how much important the RSS feeds of our blogs. The most important thing is that whenever we publish any post, it immediately appears in our blog feed. This is good since it will instantly notify all the subscribers about a new post.

But there are certain times when you update your posts or make little tweaks after publishing. That time little delay in updating feed can help your subscribers to get the final update. Specially those who proofread posts after publishing, Feed Pauser plugin is a good solution for them to delay in feed.

You can adjust the settings for pausing feed update as per your requirement. Say you want to delay your feed publishing by 20 minutes, then adjust the settings for 20 minutes delay and your feed will count the new post and include it after 20 minutes of publishing your post.

How to delay in WordPress Feed Publishing using Feed Pauser Plugin

The plugin is simple to use and the option is accessible from Post editor mode. This is a lightweight plugin and simple to use, so I believe not enough explanation is necessary on this!

If you like this plugin, download Feed Pauser plugin now.

NB: Feed Pauser plugin hasn’t updated for a certain period, but it should still worth your need.

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