How to Develop Topic Idea for Writing Content

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

There is a certain time when you struggle to find topic idea to write contents for your blog. There might be a lot of existing topic ideas but you cannot brainstorm those all the time. Hence you might be thinking for a tool that will automatically provide you the topic ideas, right! But practically there is no such tool for that, so you have to do it manually all the time.

Develop Topic Idea for Your Blog

It’s simple and there are many ways you can develop topic idea like I do-

topic idea

Top Blogs in Your Niche

The coolest way is to visit the top blogs in your niche and check what they are writing. Some top blogs in Internet Marketing niches are Problogger, SmartPassiveIncome, FamousBloggersCopyBlogger, IncomeDiary, ShoutMeLoud etc. There you can check –

  • The sidebar to find the most popular post that people love to read
  • The recent posts what bloggers are writing
  • Your favorite categories and find what good topics were written under those categories.

Create Google Alerts

Google Alerts are email updates based on the queries you set. Sign up for Google Alerts and set the result type, frequency and delivery email address and you’ll receive what you like straight to your inbox.

Yahoo Answers

One of the smartest way is to learn what visitors are actually seeking for. To find it you need to visit Yahoo Answers. Then click on “Browse Categories” tab and choose the right category you need. Check the questions people are asking and you will get a number of topic idea.

Blog Comments

You can also visit the top blogs and find what people are asking after a post on the comments. Make sure that you follow the quality blogs as they generally tend to approve quality comments more. After you analyze some questions against the topic, you will get some good topic ideas soon.

Forum Threads

A more interesting way is to check the forum threads. Check what people are asking on the threads, specifically concentrate on those threads which are receiving the most replies. They are receiving good replies because the thread topic is good.

There are more ways to develop topic idea which I cannot recall now like I sometimes fail to recall topic ideas! Share your best strategies that you follow.

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