How to Email Google Analytics Report

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Google Analytics is the most trusted analytics source for any website. Sometimes you might need to email Google Analytics Report specially when you are selling any of your site- either personally or through any 3rd party site like Flippa.

How to Email Google Analytics Report

So how you can Send Google Analytics Report through Email? The process is quite simple.

1. Login to your Google Analytics profile.

2. Select the site for which you need to send analytics data.

3. Make sure that ‘Standard Reporting’ tab is selected.

4. Click on the “Email” button like below picture.

How to Email Google Analytics Report

5. Enter receiver’s email address and Subject.

6. From the attachment type, select your preferable one. Generally PDF format seems ideal to me. Below options are available too.



TSV for Excel



7. From the frequency, select once or if you need to send the email periodically then choose other option from the menu.

Email Google Analytics Report

8. Click on Send and that’s it!

Too simple to email Google Analytics Report, huh?

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