How to Fetch as Googlebot to Index Pages Faster

by Taswir Haider in SEO

If your blog has gone live online since last couple of months and you are updating fresh contents regularly, then possibility is that Google index your new post almost immediately after you publish. Here at TheTopBlogger we normally get our pages indexed within minute. But sometimes Google crawler make delay to index specific posts but that is very rare in case. I couldn’t find a solution why this happens for few posts while 95% of posts get indexed within 1 or 2 minutes maximum. But I noticed that this happens when the post has too many internal or external links, but I am not 100% sure though.

However, when you have written a great post and found that the post hasn’t been indexed after couple of hours, you might try a cool option Fetch as Googlebot¬†from Google Webmaster Tools.

How to use Fetch as Googlebot

First, login to Google Webmaster tools. After login, click on your specific blog/site from Dashboard.

From the left menu, click on “Health” > “Fetch as Google”.

On the box, type your URL excluding the root domain, as per following picture. Make sure that “Web” is selected from the available options.

How to Fetch as Googlebot to Index Pages Faster

Once you have selected “Web” and click “Fetch”, if Google successfully found the URL, within few seconds you should see a confirmation on the bottom as “Success”. Now click on “Submit to Index” like below picture.


You will be asked whether you want to index only the specified URL or all the linked pages from it too. Select “URL” only if you haven’t made a viral change to other linked pages too.


Once you select Ok, now it’s Google’s turn. They will crawl the URL within couple of hours and should index it accordingly. If you face any problem in submitting URL while using Fetch as Googlebot, kindly let me know.

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