How to Find Website Content Writer for Your Blog

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

If you are in professional blogging, one of the major problem is to manage new content every week. Unless you provide frequent update on your blog at least couple of times a week, you will eventually loose returning visitors who are likely to be your loyal readers in long run. You might like to look for various website content writer sources to keep your blog updated with fresh contents. There are few effective ways you can go with it.

How to find Website Content Writer for Your Blog

Guest Writing Opportunity

If your blog is online for a while and got a PR or 2, you can offer submitting Guest Post into your blog. Make sure that you have a clear guest post guideline and a page dedicated for it mentioning all the necessary instructions. This is a win-win situation for both you and the writer and one of the most popular method today to generate quality one-way backlink for the writer. So attracting this part can be a good turnover at one stage that you do not need to even think for content for your site!

3rd Party Service

You can try 3rd party service like MyBlogGuest, PostRunner and similar other services to find guest posts directly online. Both MyBlogGuest and PostRunner have plugin from where you can find article straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Guest posters submit their posts into those sites for publishing and you can apply for any specific article you like; then the writer will decide whether he wants to publish the post into your blog or not- this is how the process works. This is really a great time saving to get free articles online, just make sure you have got a decent PR and loyal reader base to get your offer accepted frequently.

How to Find Website Content Writer for Your Blog

Freelancing Sites to find Website Content Writer

Freelancing sites are great to get a good number of quality writers at a ease. Odesk, Freelancer, GetACoder, Elance etc- you will find website content writers to write for you starting at as low as $1 to as much as $10 per article depending on the writer’s skill.

Request Experts to Write for your Website

You can request other people to write 1 or 2 posts for your blog. You can request promising writers and bloggers on social media sites or directly through their website, but make sure that you have got enough reason to attract him to write a free post on your blog in exchange of free backlink. I sometimes get invitations this way through Linkedin and TheTopBlogger contact form. This can be effective if you can make the writter or blogger motivated to write couple of posts for you.

How do you manage content writer for your blog? Are you self-publishing or managing it in other ways too?

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