How to Get a Clickbank Refund

by Taswir Haider in Internet Marketing

Clickbank, being the best online marketplace for hundreds of thousands of digital products, it is the most popular place for sellers to sell their products. On the other hand Clickbank is also popular among buyers for their strict policy and 60 days money back guarantee on any purchase.

Not all the products are equal and not all are up to the mark. But most of us buying products using Clickbank forget or fail to claim the money to get a Clickbank refund within the specified 60 days period. So the following method describes how you can proceed for a refund?

How to Get Refund on a Clickbank Purchase

1st Method

The first method is quite simple. Just forward the Clickbank receipt to the following email id mentioning a short note for the refund:

Clickbank should contact you within a week and make the refund in favor of you.

2nd Method

Though the first method is quick and fast but in case if Clickbank fails to receive email for any reason, you can also apply the second method to be more secured.

First check your email id for the following Email which you should have been received when you purchased the product.

Receipt for your ClickBank Order #

Scroll down to the email and go to the section “Clickbank Customer Service”. You should receive a link to contact with Clickbank and click on it.

Next, you will be taken to the customer service page. On this screen, click on “Get Support” like below screenshot.

How to Get Clickbank Refund

You will be taken to the final section. Fill the following in the form:

  1. What problem you are having? – Choose More options from the drop down menu
  2. Type – Select “Refund Request” as the problem type
  3. Reason – Choose a reason from the list
  4. Additional comments – Mention if you have any additional comments, but this is not mandatory.

Get Clickbank Refund

After you send the Email you will receive a confirmation email as below:

” We have received your ticket and sent a notice to the vendor. Please wait up to 2 business days for vendor to respond regarding your ticket.” After this Clickbank will communicate with you and should make the refund in favor of you.

Quick Snapshot of the Refund Process

So, here is a quick snapshot of the process:

  • Open the Clickbank Receipt email
  • Find the “Clickbank Customer Service” section and click on link
  • On the next screen, Click on “Get Support”.
  • On next screen, select “more options” from the drop down menu
  • Set type as “Refund Request” and choose the specific reason
  • Mention additional comments as you like and Send the email.
  • You will receive the confirmation and Clickbank will contact you for the refund.

Check the Clickbank Refund policy to learn their policies about it. If you have any experience either positive or negative with Clickbank refund, please do share with us.

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