How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Comment is like the heartbeat of any post!! It helps to make your posts go viral and enagaging. It is common that every blogger expects to get more comments for their post.

How to Get More Comments for your Site?

There are literally many ways to get more comments but the following techniques are proven and you can implement on your blogs-

Write Quality Contents

There is nothing more valuable than quality contents. Visitors are more likely to be engaging with the contents you are providing to them.

Encourage Readers to Comment

At the end of the post ask readers to advise their opinion through comments section. Also make them more engaging by asking questions related to the topic.

Use Commentluv Plugin

Commentluv is something from which I personally get myself benefited after implementing on my blog. Visitors love to get an additional backlinks directly to their post and Commentluv plugin plays a important role at this point.

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Create List Posts More

Lists posts like ‘Top 5 ways…’, ’15 ways to…’, ‘Best 3 techniques…’ etc are easy for the readers to screen faster and motivate to add comments with 1 or 2 opinions from their end.

Interaction with Readers

Not only approve the comments but also reply to the comments as much as you can. Commentators like to see that bloggers are responding and appraising their comments and become motivated to comment more in future!

Comment Settings

You should keep your comment settings optimal. You shouldn’t impose any additional field except Name, Email, Website and comments section. Some people use captcha which seems a tedious job to solve depending on commentators mood. Better to use simple checkbox plugin like G.A.S.P if you are really worried about spam comments.

Include Website field

I have seen many blogs do not have website field in the comments section. Unless visitors do not get a backlink (whatever it is dofollow or nofollow one) to their website, they are reluctant to make comments!

Make Blog Dofollow

I should not recommend to make your blog dofollow one but I have included this option in the list since it really helps to get more comments, because people love to get dofollow backlinks from their comments.

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Finally, if you like this post please make more comments ­čÖé and share with others!!

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