How to Install Multiple Plugins in WordPress

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

If you are in the process of creating WordPress sites, then the most boring part after WP and theme setup is to install each plugin separately. Because the default WordPress interface support only 1 plugin installation at a time and if you are using FTP to install multiple plugins in WordPress that can also be a time consuming job depending on server speed.

How to Install Multiple WordPress Plugins

So what is the solution to get rid of this? You can easily install Multiple WordPress plugins at once with the help of another plugin. There are few plugins out there to do the task for you. Some of them have pre-built list for plugins and the plugin cannot install your favorite one if that is not pre-included in the list.

So today I am going to discuss about 2 plugins which can help you to install all your WordPress plugin with few clicks.

1. Improved Plugin

2. Plugin Central

How to Install

You can download any of these plugins from the below download link.

Download Improved Plugin

Download Plugin Central

After download, install the plugin to your WordPress directory. I recommend using FTP to install the plugin. If you are not sure how to do that, check how to install plugin using FTP.

How the Plugin Works

improved plugin installation

plugin central

Once you finish the installation, go to the plugin option and type your desired plugin names (one on each line). Make sure that there is no typo in plugins’ name.¬†Then click “install now” and the plugin will automatically install your requested plugins.

You can also provide plugin installation url/ links instead of plugins’ name. The benefit is that plugins do not need to be hosted in WordPress, any third party plugins can also be installed as long as you are giving the exact download link (url).

If you are in the process of installing multiple WordPress plugins, these are really a time savers. Here are download links once again:

Download Improved Plugin

Download Plugin Central

If you are looking for more efficient way, then you can try a plugin like Backup Creator which (in addition to its basic function to backup entire site) can automatically clone your theme, plugin and even all the contents in just few clicks into a new WordPress site. You just show the path and it will do all the cloning within very short time.

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