How to Integrate Google Page Speed with W3 Total Cache

by Taswir Haider in SEO

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular cache plugin for WordPress and I believe majority users are using this plugin for their WordPress blog. W3 Total cache has many built-in features and can also support CDN as well. Another cool feature of W3 Total cache is integration with Google Page Speed.

Those who are not familiar to Google Page speed, please note that it is a free service from Google to determine the Page Speed of a website and at the same time it provides recommendation to increase your page speed.

Integrate Google Page Speed with W3 Total Cache Plugin

Google Page Speed with W3 Total Cache

If you haven’t W3 Total Cache Plugin installed on your blog, install it from WordPress repository first. Make sure that you do not have 2 Cache plugins installed at the same time.

At first go to Google API Console > Login with Email ID > Go to the project Tab > Activate Page Speed Online API. You will receive a Google Page Speed API key. Keep it secret and it can be used for multi sites you own.

Now it is W3TC part. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Performance > General Settings > Scroll down and find Miscellaneous Tab. Check the box “Enable Page Speed….” and enter your Google Page Speed API key and Save Settings. You’re done!

How to Integrate Google Page Speed with W3 Total Cache

Now from your WordPress Dashboard Home (The screen which normally opens first after login to WP dashboard) and you should see a new menu “W3 Total Cache: Google Page Speed Report“.

Google Page Speed API Key Report

Generally the Page speed depends on several factors. If you experience a slow page speed, then refer to my earlier guide on how to increase your site speed.

If you haven’t activated Google Page Speed API key yet, activate this free service now.

As above one works built-in (integrated with your site), you can also use external Site Speed checking Service like Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix, YSlow as well as server uptime with Pingdom.

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