How to Make Money with Amazon

by Taswir Haider in Make Money Online

Internet is a source for thousands to make a handsome money and despite of blogging, there are many other ways you can basically make money online. One such popular way is to make money with Amazon Affiliate program. Because Amazon is a trustworthy source and many great merchants promote and make money selling on amazon.

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

So how you can earn money with Amazon? Follow these simple steps:

Signup for Amazon Affiliate Program

At first sign up for Amazon affiliate program if you are still not. After sign up you should receive a Amazon affiliate ID which will be your unique ID to promote any Amazon product.

Selecting Product

Once you login to your Amazon profile and select a category, you should see the top seller list on the right side. This list updates hourly and display 5 to 10 best selling products of the selected category. So you can easily choose one from them or can go into further search for choosing the right one.

How to Make Money with Amazon

Keyword Research

If you do not have any target product or category or have not determined what to sell, then the first step you can go with is “keyword research”. Make a list of some variants like ‘product’, ‘product+couponcode’, ‘buy+product’, ‘product+review’ (here product should be replaced with your targeted product name) etc etc. Then go to Google Keyword tool and give a exact search for the keywords you have just selected.

Register Domain & Make a Sales Page

If you are trying to promote the product in your existing site then create a new sales page on it or if you want to go a bit extra then register a exact match domain from GoDaddy or Namecheap. If you are using GoDaddy use Coupon Code: cjc749chp for cheap $7.99 registration/year.

Exact match domains still have a great value in ranking posts higher in search engines and driving traffic to the site. Make sure that you also analyze the other pages who are in 1st page of the search ranking for your targeted keyword and check their backlink profile. You can use OpenSiteExplorer from SEOMoz (upto 3 checking free per day) to analyze the total number of backlinks of the page. It is always wise to go for low competitive keywords than high competitive ones.

Building Links

Now that you have domain and a quality well-written sales page its time to building some backlinks. Hope you have already got some backlink idea and backlink strength of your competitor by this time from OpenSiteExplorer. Now you can also follow their backlink strategy or can build your own one. Make sure not to make too much backlink on a single day, rather make it natural by building only 2 to 3 per day maximum. Because Google still has the filter to place new sites under observation for couple of months, so try to stay away from it as possible.

Another popular method I like is to go for PPC campaign. This is really effective some times depending on the niche and the product. Say you receive $50 commission from selling a product, spend 10cent per click, conversion rate is 1% (means every 1 visitor out of 100 buys your product).

This means by spending 10cent x 100 visitors = $10, you are making 1 Sale = $50 commission. So Total profit= $50-$10 = $40.


Making money with Amazon is a fun as well as challenging too, specially it would be a great waste of time if you fail to choose the right product. If you do not want to register a domain, you can also promote the product through Squidoo lenses. Squidoo is powerful and Google still ranks Squidoo posts higher. Be careful and selective and like every marketer, believe you will also be able to make money with Amazon.

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