How to Manually Interlink Blog Posts with WordPress Insights Plugin

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Are you using WordPress Insights Plugin? Before asking this question I should ask whether you are interlinking your blog posts. If you are in blogging for quite some time, you must have known the importance of interlinking blog posts. There are many certain benefits as it helps to increase pageviews, reduce bounce rate as well as increase time spend on your site per visitor. Perhaps you are using any Auto linking plugin like SEO Smart Links but manual interlinking is always safe.

Why WordPress Insights Plugin

WordPress Insights Plugin is a cool one to manually interlinking your blog posts. This is a free plugin which you can download from WordPress repository. Moreover the plugin has also some cool features along with it.


Cool features of Insights Plugin:

Search posts on your own blog

Search images from Flickr and insert with 1 click

Search for video

Search Wikipedia posts and link to them

Search Google for your mentioned keyword

Search for News

You can also search for blogs and Books with WP Insights Plugin

How to install and use WP Insights Plugin

At first download it from WordPress repository… WordPress Insights Plugin.

Install and activate it.

Now go to Add a new post. A new WordPress Insights Plugin menu should be added just below the post editor box.

Type your keyword there and select the option you would like to find and click on “search”.

Now open your required post from search and copy the link and add it to your anchor text. That’s it.

If you are searching for images, videos and others, the procedure is also similar.

How to Manually Interlink Blog Posts with WordPress Insights Plugin

After the hit from Google, spamming is considered as a must avoidable practice and quality backlink is considered as a plus. So you need to focus on quality backlink and interlinking plays an important role more than ever. If you are writing new post, make sure to interlink older posts with keyword variation from it. Do not use the same keyword in anchor text for the same post always.

If you have written a post on “SEO plugin”, make sure to interlink it with different anchor text from different posts like “WordPress SEO plugin”, “SEO plugin for WordPress”, “Best SEO plugin” etc.

One disadvantage of excessive interlinking- more specifically automatic interlinking is that it sometimes create excessive load on your blog to reduce site speed when you are on shared hosting. If you are also facing the same problem, then you should take necessary steps to increase website speed.

Are you using WordPress Insights Plugin on your blog? Share your experience with us.

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