How to Noindex Category and Tag in WordPress

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Though WordPress is the best blogging platform but it has some limitations as well. One such problem of WordPress is that by default it indexes Categories and Tags. But indexing categories and tags doesn’t bring any good value to the blog- instead it creates the chance to the post duplication as the same post can be found under homepage as well as category page and tag page. So it is important to make noindex category pages as well as noindexing tags so that search engine doesn’t crawl such directories.

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How to Noindex Categories and Tags in WordPress

Noindex Categories and Tags Using Robots.Txt

Robots.txt file plays an important role to instruct and prevent search engine spiders from crawling certain pages and directories. You can easily noindex categories and tags by adding couple of lines in your robots.txt.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /category/

Disallow: /tag/

1. To do this, first login to your FTP manager and go to the root directory (public_html/yoursite) of your site.

2. If you cannot find Robots.txt file in your root directory, you can create one in your pc.

3. To create robots. txt file, first create a new text file in your pc and rename it as robots.txt.

4. Include the above 3 lines and save the file.

5. Upload it into the root directory of your site under public_html/yoursite and you’re done!

6. If you have robots.txt uploaded earlier, then you can open the existing one and add the 2 disallow lines.

Noindex Category Pages and Tags Using Plugin

robots meta wordpress plugin
You can also control noindex category pages and tags by using plugin. I recommend to use Robots Meta Worpress plugin to serve your purpose. Though this plugin hasn’t updated more than 2 years, but still it worths and the best such plugin out there.

After installing the plugin, from the settings menu you can noindex categories and tags as well as other less important admin pages which you wish not to index.

Noindex Categories and Tags from Thesis Theme Settings

noindex category and tag from thesis
Thesis theme provides SEO friendly functionalities and those who are using Thesis can noindex category and tag from the Thesis> Site Options. This will also help to noindex categories and tags. You can also noindex other unimportant portion of your blog, which really helps.

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You will see many blogs which have many more pages indexed in search engine than the actual number of pages. This happens sometimes because of categories and tags both are also indexed in addition to actual URL which is not a good SEO tactics. How do you noindex category pages and tags?

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