How to Prevent Content Theft: 5 Steps Guide

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Content theft is a common practice now-a-days and with the increase of Internet users it is also growing rapidly. Content theft sometimes could be frustrating for the actual copyright owner and can be a big issue when his contents’ are copying by someone else on regular basis.

However you might not need to worry about content theft all the time as search engines are smart enough today to identify which is original and which is copied.

How you can Prevent Content Theft

You can fight with content theft by following below procedures:

1. Identify the Copying Content

You need to identify at first who is copying your contents online. You can use Copyscape tool to find out such content theft. If you would like to know more about copyscape, check out my another article on how to check online plagiarism with copyscape. There are other alternatives to copyscape to check content theft which you can utilize to find copying content online.

2. Contact form

If the infringer is copying your contents virally, then you would like to contact with him. But this is not always a good approach as the infringer might not want to argue with you! If you feel that you should contact directly with him, then you can follow any of the following approach:

  • Find a contact form in his site and contact through it.
  • If you cannot find a form there, check his domain registration through whois and collect the email id from the registration details.
  • You can also look through the Domain Tools to find out details about the domain registrar.
How to Prevent Content Theft: 5 Steps Guide

3. Contact with Host

If you do not get a favorable response from the infringer, you can contact with the host where the site is currently hosting. Generally the host can remove the copyright contents based on proper documentation.

4. Contact with Google, Yahoo and Bing

You can also contact directly with Google, Yahoo and Bing and ask to remove the indexed pages. The whole site may not effected but the pages with infringed materials can be removed/de-indexed and moreover they might see a negative impact on the SERP due to duplicate contents.

5. Contact with Adsense

If the site is using Adsense, you can contact with them directly to take action by punishing his Adsense Account for content theft. As per Adsense Guideline Policy, they do not allow copyright contents/content theft and they are very much strict with this rules. The contact is similar to above #4 point (Google part) and you need to specify Adsense from the list.

Contact with Adsense

If you are really worried about content theft, try TYNT script for including a link whenever any content is copied from your site. This will help you to get a free backlink when someone copies your content and as a result can demotivate to copy content from your site.

If someone is copying content from RSS feeds, you can install a plugin named RSS footer which will automatically add a link to your site at the footer and can be alarming for content theft for those who are posting contents directly from your blog RSS feed.

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