How to Disable Right Click with WP Copyright Protection Plugin

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Copying content by others sometimes a big problem for major bloggers and they might want to disable right click on their blog so that anyone cannot copy their content. But is it really good experience to prevent right click?

Advantage and Disadvantage to Disable Right Click

One benefit of disabling right click is it prevents copying content from your blog. But it has disadvantage as well.

The major disadvantage to disable right click is that it may provide negative user experience. Moreover when you provide any custom code in a tutorial, average visitors cannot copy it unless they know other special techniques to copy. Not also good to disable right click on web page for programming tutorial sites where there are many tutorial codes available for learners.


There may be many others advantages and disadvantages based on individual’s point of view, but I do not recommend to disable Right Click unless you feel that you really need it.

Prevent Right Click with WP Copyright Protection plugin

However if you are looking for a easy solution to prevent right click on your blog, then WP Copyright Protection plugin is the ideal choice for your WordPress blog. This is a simple plugin to get set and go. You just install it, activate it and you’re all done!

How to Disable Right Click with WP Copyright Protection Plugin

The plugin can be downloaded from WordPress repository for free. While disabling right click, you might experience some conflict (not a common problem though) with your theme and other plugins, so after you install the plugin just make sure that everything works fine. Nothing to be worried though!

Share your ideas whether you  like disabling right click on your web pages? What is your experience while you prevent right click on your site? Your ideas will be helpful for our readers.

WP Copyright Protection Plugin

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