How to Reduce Spam Comments on Your Blog

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Spam is considered as a major problem for WordPress blogs and by nature WP blogs are greatly effected by spam comments. Thanks to Akismet – the default WordPress plugin which is like a guard defending your Wordpress sites. WP users do not need to worry much about spam as there are obviously certain techniques to fight with spam comments in your blog.

Techniques to reduce Spam Comments

The following techniques should be noted down to reduce spam comments to your WP blogs.

Install Akismet Plugin

In case you are gathering a force to minimize spam comments then Akismet must be on the top of list. Akismet is on the list of ideal plugin as well as it’s part of the must have wordpress plugins listing. Aksimet inspects the comments using their server and filters away comments which its system feels to become spam. Aksimet immediately put such comments in the SPAM area of your WP dashboard.

It should come with your WordPress installation by default but in case if you have deleted it somehow or not available, then you should download it immediately.

Download Akismet Plugin


Re-Captcha is another important add-on in battle to reduce spam . Captcha is a check to make sure that the comment submitted is simply by someone and definitely not a computing device. Possibility of such produced comment to be spam is actually greater compared to a individual.

A Textual content will be provided in an graphic format and that needs to examine and entered as solution to successfully pass the test.

Download Re-Captcha Plugin

Math Comment Protection

Math Comment Spam protection is yet another program to make sure that the particular comment is made by a individual and not by a machine. It requires a response from the commenter to complete basic arithmetical functions and type in the answer section to get approved.

Download Math Comment Spam Protection

GASP Plugin

GASP or Not A Spammer Plugin is certainly one of the most simple plugins that basically minimizes spam comments almost fully. It generates a straightforward check box under your wordpress comments section which needs to be checked to confirm that you’re a individual as well not spammer. This excellent wordpress plugin is created from the developer of Comment-Luv plugin.

You can also see it in action on this blog below comments box.

Download GASP Plugin

Ban the IP of Spammers:

When you notice that a spammer coming from a particular Ip address is targeting your site then you can certainly ensure that the IP is blocked from doing so. You may use a plugin- Wp-Ban Plugin that shows a customized message whenever spammer from the particular banned IP attempts to visit your site. The plugin in addition features a counter that keeps count of exactly how many times the particular banned IP has attempted to visit your site!

Download Wp-Ban plugin

Spam Comments

Allow Comments From Registered Users Only

Limiting comments posting from only registered users could help you to meet the objective of minimizing spams but it increases complexity for visitors to comment through. This can be done by setting up this in your wordpress dashboard. Just go to Dashboard> Settings > Discussions. Then check the box “Users must be registered to comment”.

Install Other Commenting Systems

The basic WordPress Comment system is actually script based. It does not have the ability to eliminate or minimize spam comments significantly. Rather working with default WordPress Comment system you may use different 3rd party Commenting system that constantly keep track of and eliminate spam comments. You can utilize any of these

Facebook Comments

Your Turn

What is your Strategy to fight with comment spams? Which plugin you use to deal with spam comments? Do share with us.

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