How to Sell Domain Name on eBay

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Domain flipping is a profitable business and requires patience, expertise as well as communication skills. Many newbies struggling to sell their domains find eBay a good place to start with. But most of them might be wondering for how to sell domain name on eBay for the first time.

If you are a newbie and want to sell your domain at minimum profit margin, then you can try your luck at eBay! But if you are looking great price for your domains, then you may need to look elsewhere such as Sedo, Afternic, Flippa. Read my another post to know where to sell your domains and websites for profit.

how to sell domain names on ebay

How to Sell Domain name on eBay

So, let’s get back to the main discussion. To sell domain name on eBay, you need to have a account first. If you do not have a eBay account, you can always create one for free. If you are looking to sell only domain name here, better to choose a username which have keyword ‘domain’ in it for more professionalism such as domainseller7, bestdomainer etc. You can also change the username once in a month.

how to sell on ebayAfter you have created a account, log into your account. On the right side of the screen, hover over on “Sell” and click on ‘Sell an item’.

how to sell domain name on ebay

On the next screen, click on ‘Create Templates’ or if you previously created any template, it will appear in the dropdown box.

how to sell domain on ebay 3

On the next screen, you can find the right category under Categories section but if you are not sure where the category exactly located, then you can type your category in the search box and click on ‘Search’. Here I have written domain name in the Search box.

how to sell domain nameAfter clicking on search, related search results will be displayed. Select the option “Web & Computer Services > Domain Names” and click on Continue. If you want more exposure for your domain and appear in additional category, you can also select the category “Internet Businesses & Websites” for a small fee.

sell domain name on ebay

Once you select the Category, you will be taken to the main screen which is the most important part and here you need to enter all the details of your item. A brief summary is stated below-

Sell Domain Name on Ebay- Main Screen Summary


Here you have to specify a Title for your offer. Title should not be too long or too short and need to be attractive so that it motivates visitors to click on it.


You can enter a Subtitle for additional fee but this is not mandatory and you can skip if you want.

Item Specifications

Enter all the required specifications under Item Specifications such as Type, Domain Extension, Registered under whom, Which Category the domain belongs to etc. You can add additional field by clicking on ‘Add your own item specific’ such as domain age, registration date, expire date etc.

how to sell domain name


For more exposure and click through rate, specify a picture related to your domain sale.

Describe the Item

On the box, enter all the necessary details for your domain such as characteristics, terms and conditions, payment etc as you think fit. This portion must be filled with proper information so that visitors might not leave you a message asking a missing important information which might loose potential visitors.

auction type

In the process to sell domain name on eBay, another important part is the type of auction. You can choose to sell your item through auction or fixed price only.

Online Auction

Starting price- Select a Starting price for your action. Some sellers set it as low as $1 but if someone bid on that price and there is no further bidder up to auction closing, you need to sell your domain on that low price, so place the starting price carefully.

Buy it now price- BIN price allows visitors to instantly buy the item with specified price without further bidding.

Duration- You can select the auction duration up to 10 days. Do not select such duration which might leads the auction closing date in a weekend.

Fixed Price

You can sell your item at fixed price also and there should be no auction if you select this. Transaction will be made when visitors accept and purchase at your provided price only. Duration can be select up to 30 days or more as long as you cancel the item listing. Choosing fixed price requires additional fee but the main benefit is that you do not have to sell your item until you get your expected price. But it may occupy your total monthly auction limit as long as it is listed.

Payment Method

You can select Paypal as your default payment option or can add Credit card, Paymate etc. from the add option.

shipping method

Shipping Method

Since domain name doesn’t require any shipping, you can select o cost, Free shipping, ship to Worldwide- these options.

Once you entered all the details, click on continue and review all the listing details and submit the listing for sale. That’ it.

You should be notified for any buyer message or sale through email.

Selling domain on eBay works like a charm due to eBay’s fair policy, great acceptance and secured payment. What is your experience to sell domain name on eBay? Please share your tips with us.

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