How to Style Page Navigation with WP PageNavi Plugin

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WP PageNavi is the most popular page navigation plugin for WordPress. Since Wordpress default navigation menu isn’t so user friendly and do not have the option to jump from one page to another in a single click (such as from Page 1 to Page 9), Page navigation plugin really helps a visitor to search through. Moreover it also helps visitors to know how many pages are there and gives a tentative idea of total posts in the blog.

If your blog is relatively new then you might not want that visitors know about your limited posts, but if your blog has a good number of posts then obviously you might let visitors to know about it and navigate through your pages.

Install WP PageNavi plugin

wp pagenavi

Before you style Page Navigation, it is important that you have WP PageNavi plugins installed. It is free and can be installed from WordPress repository.

Download WP-PageNavi

After installing the plugin, follow the installation guideline to edit your custom_functions.php file code for the plugin to work. But make sure to backup your stylesheet before you made any changes so that you can restore if something wrong happens!

How to style Page Navigation with WP PageNavi Plugin?

After you installed WP PageNavi plugin, you can style page navigation by changing your css. But not everyone is familiar with css, so I am showing an easy method using a nice plugin:

WP PageNavi Style

Download it from above link and you will find 30+ built-in styling option to style your page navigation.

page navigation style

Choose a style matching your theme and you’re done! Moreover you can also customize your stylesheet from the settings without touching your css. It’s that easy.

So let’s have a recap what to do

1. Install WP PageNavi plugin

2. Follow the installation guideline and edit your custom_functions.php file (make sure you have access through FTP and make sure to have backup of the file)

3. Install WP PageNavi Style plugin and choose a pre-built style or customize your own style.

If you stuck anywhere please let me know by using comments section. Enjoy!

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