How to Submit Blog to Technorati

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Technorati is a PR8 Blog directory where all the major blogs are listed and ranked accordingly. You can submit your blog to Technorati for free where other such directories might charge you a fee. Moreover having a backlink from Technorati is considered as a factor of trust.

Submit Blog to Technorati

First create a account in Technorati and login. Click on your username/account on top right and at the bottom you will find “my claimed blogs” list.

Type the name of your blog and click Claim.

How to Submit Blog to Technorati

Here you need to enter the following details:

Blog Title

Blog URL

Blog Feed

Social Profiles

Site Description

Site Categories

Site tags

Technorati Blog Claim

After you have filled above, click “Proceed to next step”.

Claim Your Blog for Technorati Verification

Return to your account/profile page and click on Check Claim under your newly added site.

On the next page, you will be provided a short code which you need to add in a new post and then click “Verify claim token”.

Verify Blog Technorati

It normally takes less than a week to approve your blog into Technorati directory, if you submitted all the required information properly. You should get a email notification when your blog is approved.

In addition to submit blog to Technorati, make sure that you have also submitted your blog to Google, Bing and Alexa as well. If not, then refer to my earlier guide-

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