How to Verify Google+ Pages

by Taswir Haider in SEO

If you have a Google+ page, then it is important that you verify it to get more authority and trust flow in the public as well as Google.

Benefits of Google+ Page Verification

  1. It is definitely a trust mark to everyone that your page is real.
  2. Can Get more people adding your page in their circles.
  3. Google+ page verification qualifies your page to be considered in future for ‘Google Direct Connect’.
  4. If Google sees your Google+ page verified, then some SEO trust might flow between your website and Google plus pages. Though this is not proved yet, but a general assumption that might work.

How to Verify Google+ Pages

How to Verify your Google plus Page

You can verify in 2 ways:

1. Link your Website to Google+ Page

You can verify Google+ pages to create a interlink between Google+ page and your website. For this your Google+ page should be linked to your website or about page (either page need to have google+ page link)

In the same, website need to be linked with Google+ page in the HTML code of HEAD section:

<link href=”” rel=”publisher” />

This will make both Google plus and Website linked with each other.

2. Google+ Page Verification Request Form

TheTopBlogger Verify

There is a official form which you can fill up to verify your Google plus page. This is how we verified TheTopBlogger (I applied for it when I got 1,000 followers) and this method is faster than the first method. For this make sure that your Google plus page and website are linked with each other and your website has got a reasonable popularity that people have added it to their circle.

Google+ Page Verification Request Form

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