Important SEO Terms You Should Know

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Those who are in blogging for a while are aware of the importance of SEO but those who haven’t started their blogging journey yet should learn the basics of SEO. Here are few important SEO terms which everyone should know!

Important SEO Terms

Page Rank

PageRank is an algorithm which Google employs to calculate the general important involving pages round the web. The essential idea at the rear of the protocol is the truth that a hyperlink from web page A to be able to page B is visible as the vote involving trust by page A to webpage B. The higher the amount of links (weighted by their value) into a page, the higher the possibility is that the page is significant.


SERP is a SEO term that denotes Search Engine Result Page. If you search for a keyword or keyword phrase on Google and other engines, it is the listings of the results . The quantity of search traffic into your blog is dependent upon the rankings it has inside the SERPs.


SEM is a SEO terms Stands for Search engine marketing, and as the name implies it requires marketing of products or services through search engines like Google. SEM can be divided into two parts:

Search Engine Optimization and

Pay Per Click (PPC).

SEO means Search engine optimization, and it is the practice associated with optimizing websites to produce their pages available in the organic search engine results.

PPC is the practice of purchasing clicks from the search engine.

Back link

It is one of the most important SEO terms. Backlinks are all the links pointing to your website. Backlinks are very important for SEO simply because it affects to the Pagerank of any web site, influencing its search engine rankings. Quality backlink is important, hence backlinks from spammy sites may reduce the value of a site in the eye of search engines.

Anchor Text

The anchor text is actually the clickable text on a web page . Keyword rich anchor texts helps with SEO since Google will certainly associate these kinds of keywords with the content of the website.

importance of seo

Title Tag

The title tag is one of the most important SEO terms and variables inside Google’s lookup algorithm. It is generally is the title of a web page. Your primary keyword should be included in the title and a catchy title increase the click through rate of your page.


Google basically has a separate listing, the sandbox, where it index those sites that are recently discovered. When websites are for the sandbox, they won’t be found in the search engines for typical search queries. There is no specific period how long a new site remains in sandbox, however writing quality content and effective link building help a site to come out from the sandbox.

Keyword Density

The SEO terms Keyword Density is the ratio of how many times a keyword or keyword phrase is mentioned on a specific page. The basic formula for keyword density is:

Keyword Density = Number of times keyword or keyword phrase appears/Total number of words

Keyword Stuffing

Since keyword density was a key point on earlier search algorithms, webmasters begun to game the machine by inflating the keyword density with their websites. That is called keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing may look like a site spammy and additionally it can get you penalized.


Nofollow is a SEO terms that instructs search engines not to follow the link on a page. This is mostly used for the external links only and you may or may not use nofollow for all or any of the external links. When use nofollow tag for any link, search engine ignore that link or simply consider that as a simple text.

Link Cloaking

Link Cloaking is a SEO term used to hide a link and make it look like a pretty one. Most of the time affiliate links seem ugly and it is a good idea to hide these links with a plugin to make them pretty. There are many link cloaking plugins available and Gocodes is my personal choice among them.


Robots.txt is a simple file placed in the root directory of the domain that tell search engines about the structure of a site. With Robots.txt it is possible to block search engine crawler to access from a specific page or directory, specially helpful for noindexing and nofollowing specific directories.

SEO is a greater concept and there are practically more SEO terms you can list down. Here the basic SEO terms have been discussed which should be helpful for newbies.

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