How to Install Alexa Widget for your Blog

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Alexa and Google PageRank are 2 most important factors of determining the popularity of any website. The advertisers primarily depends on these to identify whether the specific website is targetable for them or not. Increasing Alexa popularity depends on several factors and if you have read my earlier post on how to increase Alexa ranking of your website, then you should know that Alexa ranking depends on some of your personal tricks also. One of such factors that improve Alexa ranking is how many visitors that visiting your site has the toolbar installed.

Another important factor is installing Alexa Widget on your website or blog.

How to Install Alexa Widget on your Website

Installing Alexa Widget is quite simple. Just what you need is to grab the code Alexa provides you.

Go to Alexa Widget section and enter your sitename there.

How to Install Alexa Widget for your Blog

Click on “Build widget” and you will get a HTML code. Embed the code into your website and you’re done!

Alexa Widget Types

Alexa provides 3 types of widgets for any site:

Site Stats button

Traffic rank button

Traffic Graph

You can use any of the widgets as per your need.

If you haven’t submitted your website to Alexa yet, then do it immediately for better exposure.

Installing Alexa Widget solely depends on personal choice but somehow it helps. Just make sure it doesn’t look ugly on your site. Otherwise better not to use it!

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