Check if Your Blog is Working or not?

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Sometimes you might be in a situation when something in your blog doesn’t go fine. Your web server might not be working or your blog RSS feed is not working as usual. You can check such situation with Is My Blog Working?

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Check if Your Blog is Working or not?

Enter your domain name and it will find the stats of your site within minute. It wll check-

  • The status of your web server
  • Status of RS feed
  • How your Robots.txt is working
  • Your blog indexation status on Google and Bing
  • Moreover it shows the technical details of your blog

What’s Next

After you have checked your site and taken corrective action, you might want to check your site’s HTML validation with W3 Validator. W3 Validator checks your web documents markup validity. You should find the Warnings and Errors with it and take corrective action as much possible so that search engine crawlers can move more smoothly through out your site and index faster. If you cannot correct it yourself, no need to be worried that much too. Your site should still be working fine like before!

W3 validator

You need to concentrate on site speed increase if your website is slow, as speed is considered as a important factor today to gain higher rankings. To increase speed, you can-

  • Use MaxCDN
  • Use a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache
  • Switch to a great host like Hostgator
  • If nothing works, finally you might look to upgrade your hosting from shared to VPS or VPS to dedicated.
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