Control your post Comment Length with Minimum Comment Length Plugin

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Comments are one of the most important part for any WordPress blog today that keeps a blog alive! But sometimes comments may become a major problem too as WordPress blogs are vulnerable to comment spam most of the time. Earlier I discussed tips on how to reduce spam comments where I mentioned some cool plugins which are really helpful to turn down spam comments to almost zero.

But how about those genuine commenters who are making real comments without spamming but the quality of such comments are not significant for your blog?

Yes, I am talking about actual comments but with less quality on it. You might not like below 2 or 3 words traditional comments for your blog, right?

Awesome post

Great Sharing

Thanks for sharing

Nice post

Some cool tips

Good ideas

I like your Blog etc etc

These type of 1 sentence or 2 to 3 words comments without any valuable input is meaningless. Those who are getting this type of short comments frequently, Minimum Comment Length plugin is a great rescue for them!

Minimum Comment Length” is a cool one from the creator of SEO by Yoast plugin.

How Minimum Comment Length Plugin Works?

The plugin is lightweight and works in a simple way. It enables the minimum length of comments, under which a comment will not be submitted for your approval.

You can change the minimum number of words in the plugin settings. Say if you select 15 words, the commenter must at least have 15 words in his comments.

Control your post Comment Length with Minimum Comment Length Plugin

Also can customize the default error message and write your own.

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When commenter makes a comment less than the minimum comment length you specify, the plugin will show a error message like the following.

Comment Length Error

Cool huh? So what you are waiting for!

If you are looking for such features of comment control and comment quality control for your wordpress blog, install Minimum Comment Length plugin today and enjoy its benefit.

Minimum Comment Length Plugin

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