proreview theme

WordPress is a serious CMS to consider while starting your own review site, hence the demand for WordPress review themes are also increasing. With the changing economic situation in the last couple of years, the purchasing power has greatly effected almost all around the world. Buyers now are more reluctant to buy product unless they have analyzed some strong review and opinion from ….

3 Google Chrome Seo Plugin : SEO Extension for Chrome Browser

Google Chrome has gained a rapid popularity over the last couple of years and being a lightweight browser and secured, Chrome users are also increasing super fast. When I check the Google Analytics, I find that Chrome is on the top of most used browser for visiting this blog. I believe everyone finds the same case in their Google Analytics! We who are in this blogging niche need to ….

How to Make Money with Amazon

Internet is a source for thousands to make a handsome money and despite of blogging, there are many other ways you can basically make money online. One such popular way is to make money with Amazon Affiliate program. Because Amazon is a trustworthy source and many great merchants promote and make money selling on amazon. How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program So how you can ….

How to Sign up for Thesis Affiliate Program

TheTopBlogger is using Thesis theme from last one year and after using it, I have a good reason to promote it and at the same time make money from it. After the Google updates the demand for quality contents and white hat SEO has increased significantly; thus the importance of built-in SEO inside the theme has also increased a lot. Thesis is the best SEO optimized theme I have come ….

How to Increase Website Speed

Website speed is a major concern after Google declared that they count site load time into consideration to determine the usability and ranking of a site. Most of the self hosted blogs now a days are built on shared hosting and takes a considerable amount of time to upgrade into higher hosting plan unless the blog gets popular and generates a handsome income. How to Improve Website ….

Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Posting one of the most popular and proven one way backlink method after Google is so much concerned for evaluating backlink strategy and profile of a site. Guest blogging has several benefits in sending life time visitors as long as the blog is live, building authority and trust, building relations and many more. While doing this practice, you should follow some Guest Post ….

Google Analytics Average Visit Duration

Google Analytics is the mostly accepted and popular analytics report for any website or blog. This is the tool that most of us use daily at a regular intervals, right? But while checking Analytics, one major concern is the visit duration from organic search or referral visitor or as well as direct visitors. Everyday Analytics show many – if not few of them as Average Visit Duration ….

How to Get Clickbank Refund

Clickbank, being the best online marketplace for hundreds of thousands of digital products, it is the most popular place for sellers to sell their products. On the other hand Clickbank is also popular among buyers for their strict policy and 60 days money back guarantee on any purchase. Not all the products are equal and not all are up to the mark. But most of us buying products using ….