5 Major Demerits of Paid Traffic

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

The competition of getting search traffic for proper keyword is increasing day by day and many new blogs and sites struggle to get the desired traffic to run their business. As a result some of them move to cheap paid traffic sources to generate some sales. Paid traffic is a major source of visitors for many sites specially for those which have some products or services to offer and who are looking to get some sale from the paid visitors.

What is Paid Traffic

But is paid web traffic really that much effective? Before discussing on this point we should know what paid traffic exactly is. Paid traffic is the traffic which we receive from paid keywords, Google Adwords PPC ads and other paid form of paid advertising. This form of traffic is not loyal and doesn’t bring any good benefit in the long run.

Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic Sources Demerits


Paid traffic generation requires considerable amount of investment to carry on the project. In order to get the traffic on a continual basis, the project needs to continue, as the traffics are paid it will eventually drop when the project is stopped!

Untargeted Traffic

This sort of traffic is not targeted as they are not essentially related to the interest of the website owner/seller. So conversion rate seems very low and it is difficult to get some great sale as well.

Little or no sale

As mentioned on the earlier point, sale is low or almost 0 due to untargeted visitors. In order to generate some sale, customer involvement and interest is a must.

Few or no subscriber

It is also difficult to get some subscriber since they are not closely related to the interest of the site topic or product. Ultimately the subscription rate tend to be 0 most of the time.

Advertisers do not like Paid Traffic

If your site has advertising spaces for sale, then you should skip such traffic completely. Because advertiser do not also like paid traffic due to low conversion rate.

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