Policy Violation in Adsense: 7 Simple Tips to Avoid Violating Adsense TOS

by Taswir Haider in Make Money Online

Policy Violation in Adsense is a common practice due to lack of knowledge and such violations frequently happen for new publishers mostly. Whenever a new publisher apply Adsense for their blog, they should learn the Adsense policies as much possible to deal with Adsense better. From the mentioned link, there are many sub sections and linked sections to know more and more about Adsense. In my case it took for me more than 3 days to read the terms and all other related pages!! Lol. That was a unnecessary killing of time for me though, but that was on my leisure time and I tried to be a master of Adsense!!! 🙂

Policy Violation and Understanding Adsense TOS

Invalid Clicks

This is one of the the foremost reason for violating policy and getting your Adsense account ban. I lost my Adsense account due to this, though I was a victim of invalid clicks by bot from a different country. That bot made 232 invalid clicks within few minutes on one of my site!

You shouldn’t ask your friends or acquaintances to click on ads from different IP as Google has several algorithm and technical support to check such unnatural clicks. Also never ever ask your readers to click on your Adsense ads too, which might also lead to policy violation.

Policy Violation in Adsense: 7 Simple Tips to Avoid Violating Adsense TOS

Maximum Adsense unit on a single page

You are allowed to place maximum 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search box in a single page. Make sure that you do not cross the limit of any of these particular unit, otherwise you will be accused to violating policies by Adsense. If you can achieve a premium publisher status that time you will be allowed to place more units per page as well as will avail email support.

Sending ads on Email

Sending ads on Email is not allowed in any form. Many publishers especially new publishers tend to make this practice without knowing the rules and sometimes they also go viral with it. This may lead to your Adsense account ban due to violating the policy.

Encourage Clicks

Encouraging clicks using any Advertisement label like ‘click here’ or ‘check this out’ where the Adsense ads are hidden or followed and it may lead to Adsense policy violation. Adsense team randomly check publisher ads, so any such violation should be avoided at all means.

Policy Violation altering code

Altering Adsense code in any manner is not permitted. If you are a programmer, you might like to change the code suiting your needs but that will straightly lead your Adsense account to be banned.

Too close to image

Using Adsense code adjacent to an image is not permitted. Some publishers use Adsense too close or beside an image (even with the same size some times) so that both of them seem to be the regular ad but this practice should be avoided to stay safe from getting ban.

Copyright content

If you host copyright content and run Adsense ads on the same page, this will lead to Adsense policy violation. Adsense doesn’t allow copyright content like movie, songs, articles or any other stuff. For extra protection, you should also avoid linking to site who distributes copyright content.

Policy Violation Appeal Form

When you break any of the above situation, you should receive a policy violation warning email which may lead to permanent disabled sometimes. In some instances you might have a chance to appeal for consideration though this doesn’t work every time depending on the severity of violation.

In such cases, you can use policy violation appeal form for Adsense for reconsideration.

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