How to Create Privacy Policy with WP Insert Plugin

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Many newbie bloggers do not concentrate on this from the beginning but creating a privacy policy is important to safeguard yourself as well as to increase your site’s credibility. Many do not take the hassle of writing a privacy policy, but you know you can create one easily in a couple of minutes with a plugin!

Yes, I am talking about a popular plugin – WP Insert which can automatically create a Privacy policy for you.

Create Privacy Policy with WP Insert

The process may seem lengthy but it is pretty simple. Download the plugin from WordPress repository first and install and activate the plugin.

  • Now login to your WordPress dashboard and from the left menu Click on WP Insert > Setup legal pages.
  • You will see 4 options like-

Privacy policy

Terms and Conditions


Copyright notice

wp insert privacy policy create page

All the options are well written and organized. You can choose to use any or all options from here. If the options are minimized, click on the small toggle button on the right side and it will expand the boxes.

The contents are pre-written and it will automatically include your sitename. So you need to assign a page where you would like to show it.

Say you have choose to use “Privacy Policy” section – so at first create a new page from your WordPress dashboard and name it as Privacy Policy (make the page noindex).

Now when you click on Assign page from WP Insert menu, click on the small arrow button and you should see a list of all the pages you created earlier. Now select the newly created “Privacy Policy” page and check the tick mark.

privacy policy wp insert plugin

Save the job and check URL of the Privacy Policy page and you should see a brand new Privacy Policy written for your site!

Now what’s next

After you have done your job, now it’s time to add a link of your privacy policy in the footer of your site so that visitors can see the same.

Note :

1. Like privacy policy, you can set other 3 pages – Terms and conditions, Disclaimer, Copyright notice from the WP Insert option and link those to your navigation.

2. Since the same plugin and privacy policy is using by hundreds of users, better to make such page(s) as noindex to avoid duplicate content issue.

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Moreover, with WP Insert plugin you can manage your post ads and ad widgets where you can include your Google AdSense and other ads.

Download WP Insert Plugin
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