Publicity Clerks: Another Cool Alternative to BuySellAds?

by Taswir Haider in Make Money Online

Publicity Clerks – One of the most promising and uprising website for buying and selling ads. Those who are in blogging for a certain time must be familiar with BuySellAds who are very choosy in approving sites. You might not expect to get approval for “Buy Sell Ads” unless you are getting around 1000 impression per day!

So what is the solution for them who have just started their blogging journey and depressed for not getting any earnings from blogging?

One of the right choice for them might be Publicity Clerks! The way they are getting popularity and ads from advertisers, it could be a great hope for new promising sites just started online journey with low traffic.

Publicity Clerks: Is it another Cool Alternative to BuySellAds?

How to Get Approval for Publicity Clerks

Go to Publicity Clerks and register your account with username, email and paypal ID.

Confirm your verification email and login to Publicity Clerks dashboard.

Add your first Website

From the top left menu, click on “my websites” and add a new site. Include following description. Make sure you add a cool description to attract advertisers, but do not use anything hype. Click submit.

Site Title

Site URL

Choose a Category

Provide a Description of your site

Provide your Website Twitter ID

Provide your Website Facebook Page ID

Publicity Clerks Add New Website

Now a moderator will check your site and manually approve. Once you get approval, add your advertisements wisely. Make sure to check the price of other sites around Publicity Clerk who have already got few ads sale. You will get some idea checking them. Place a reasonable price for you ad.

Ads Price

Be patient and wait for few days to get some sale.

What is your Experience with Publicity Clerks?

Are you using Publicity Clerk ads for your site? Or did you try this before? What is your experience with Publicity Clerks? Share your valuable ideas with us.

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