How I take Decision Before Purchasing Online?

by Taswir Haider in Internet Marketing

Many people earn money online in different ways while some are legitimate and genuine ways while other are hypes. I am not blaming them who are using hypes because every people has their own style to earn money but being ethical and fair is a great virtue! And moreover it’s important for social recognition, building credibility and mental satisfaction too.

This post is a reflection to my personal experience only for online purchase, that I would like to share with my blog readers- what I do when I am purchasing any tool or service online.

While Purchasing A Blogging or SEO tool

While purchasing a SEO tool or blogging related tool, I would like to go a for a good review. I just give a Google search mentioning Product name+Review and try to read 1 or 2 review from them and make the purchase. I also don’t mind to have some great coupon code or discount if the product is expensive. After purchasing the product online, if I am highly satisfied or somehow satisfied then I like to go for a review of it.

Since I have used the product, so normally it would be a good and in-depth review from my experience. I have few affiliate sites and review sites which rank on Page 1 of Google and I earn some money through them in this way.

Tips: If you see a new and emerging product that have high potential sale in future and give a good commission per sale, you might like to register a domain including Product name+Review or Product name+coupon or Product name+discount and post 2 to 5 great posts/page on the site mentioning the product only.

Make sure you know the basics of SEO and optimize the posts in terms of SEO and search engines. This type of sites rank high for specific keyword like review, coupon or discount, as both keywords are in domain name itself.

How I take Decision Before Purchasing Online?

While Purchasing A Paid Service

When I go to buy any paid product such as Blog syndication, RSS syndication, Social sharing or any other monthly project, I first check their Alexa Rank to identify actually how much traffic they are getting per day! If they cannot manage enough traffic for themselves, then it is simple that they cannot go further with you too.

I have seen many sites asking to manage PageRank at least 3/4 or Alexa Rank within 10000, 5000 or even 500! I bet many people are engaging on these and buying the product with this hype. But could you please take a minute to look at the Alexa Rank and PageRank of those sites? If they cannot manage even below 50,000 Alexa rank for themselves, then how can they manage 500 Alexa Rank for you?? Sounds like interesting huh?

When I am a Seller!

Besides professional blogging, I am also involved in domain and website buy/sell business (most of the domains are aged). Those who are not familiar with how to make money flipping website and domain can read my earlier post here.

I saw in prime domain/website business middleman like Flippa, many people are selling websites at high price which they have started just couple of months ago! They even didn’t get any PR but managed good auto traffic using black hat methods. As Flippa and similar sites attract many new buyers who are not professional in those, they just think- “Oh, how much traffic the site is getting per month. That is really great. I should buy this one.” and finally they buy.

But is it ethical for them who are selling these and cheating with others? When the buyer buy these and finally cannot manage a single traffic for the site on the next day (they did not know that the traffic was not natural!), what will be their reaction?

The final word is that, there is no business that do not require your dedication, skill and talent. The more professional and serious you are, the more you can make money online. There are very few get rich quick businesses online while balance all others are slow and long time income including blogging as well.

I would be loving to see your experience and tips too while purchasing online!

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