Quintura Keyword Research Tool: Download & Track LSI keyword for Free

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Quintura is basically a creative and interactive search cloud based search engine. This is the first intuitive search engine aims for children’s safe browsing. However our main concern is actually the Quintura keyword tracking tool. It can be used as a free LSI keyword research tool which comes up with related keywords based on the top ranked websites.

How to Search LSI keywords with Quintura Tool

At first download Quintura Keyword Research Tool from the original site. After you run the software, select a search engine from the top left menu and type your keyword in the search box> Click “Search”. A list of related search results will come up with interactive tag cloud. The main keyword which you have searched will appear in red while others are in blue.

Quintura Keyword Research Tool: Download & Track LSI keyword for Free

Once you hover over a related tag, other related tags appear. Select the keyword which you would like to take by clicking on it. This will be added in the queue and will show in red. This way you will get a number of LSI keyword ideas. You can also set the Coverage and Accuracy of the search results to get the most . Detailed documentation of using the tool more accurately can be found here.

Quintura Keyword

If you are looking for a free LSI keyword tool, then Quintura search software might help you in this regard.

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