Why Page Rank Drops and How to Recover PageRank

by Taswir Haider in SEO

PageRank is a system of Google for ranking the website pages. A page that has a higher PageRank is considered more important than the other pages that have a lower PageRank. Page Rank has some visible benefits such as high PR sites get additional priority to rank higher, indexed faster by Google as well as it attracts more advertisers.

Why Page Rank Drops

Getting a increased page ranking within the search engine result page (SERP) is not an easy task. Here is some reason of Page rank drops with the solution to get back the pagerank:

1. Google Algorithm

One of the main reasons which affect your Google PageRank of your website is the Google criteria or Google algorithm. The Google algorithm regularly gets up to date and nevertheless it might not have any effect on your web page initially but then suddenly your ranking of your page may drop. The reason behinds this is that the algorithm, the initial backlink that you have made initially is not reckoned with the updated version with the Google criteria. As a result your position will drop and the traffic to your site can possibly get hampered.

Solution: Always try to give updated backlinks.

2. Broken Links

Just one vital factor that you need to always check is the links on your own website are intact or not. Many times it is so visible that the website ranking is seriously hampered as a result of broken hyperlinks which aren’t going to help with diverting traffic on your site. There are various online tools which is often utilized by the web master to test whether all the links in the website come in the appropriate form or maybe not.

Solution: Immediately change the broken links.

3. Malware

Malware is the other important aspect for dropping your page rank. If the search engines detect any malware in your site or page it will notify and warn the particular potential visitors who will be expected to go to your web site. This could make a big drop inside your traffic. Even almost all webmasters who will be providing backlinks on your blog may break the particular backlinks whenever they detect any malware in your blog.

Solution: You should check whether the search engines have recognized any malware in your blog by employing Google Webmaster Tool. After removing those malware it will be possible to get the regular targeted traffic back. You can also check Sucuri for advanced malware removal support.

increase page rank drops

4. Duplicate Content

Copied or duplicated content can be a major aspect that has an effect on your Google page rank. Google can’t tolerate copied information. So make sure not to post any duplicated content through other internet sites or article directory sites.

Solution: If you do not find enough time to write contents everyday, hire article writers from Freelancer, Odesk who can write articles for you everyday. You can use Free CopyScape Tool (if possible upgrade to premium one for more efficient result) to evaluate copies regarding the content in your website.

5. Hosting Server

Bad hosting server is also responsible for your Page Rank drops. If your server is actually incomprehensible to help Google it would not have the ability to index your website landing page or some other linked pages of your website as well as ranking certainly will drop. It will hamper the page rank. The webmaster must not fall to such tricks.


Pick superior hosting server for the website. This is important for receiving good rank within the SERP.

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