Special Recent Posts Pro

Special Recent Posts pro is a pretty effective plugin which displays recent posts along with thumbnails inside widget or sidebar on your WordPress site. It’s an ideal option for online magazines or blogs plus it includes over 60+ customization options. Moreover with only $6 it is such a cheap premium plugin that anyone can afford! Special Recent Posts PRO Features Wonderful Dynamic ….

My 3 Favorite & Exclusive Premium Business Themes for Wordpress

Wordpress is the best blogging platform no doubt but when it comes to design business and portfolio websites with WordPress, it also stands out as one of the most competitive CMS today. With many beautiful and professional pre-built themes you do not need to be worried about the look of your website further, and many more new themes are developing everyday! While I was looking extensively ….

GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar on the web is all set to gift a blazing new year for its customers. They have announced an incredible discount on domain price and that too, for the .com extension. I thought of buying one domain, but ended up purchasing four instead. GoDaddy is currently offering exclusive rates for registering or transferring .com domains. GoDaddy is getting more ….

Magazine3 has just announced a 35% off on all their themes as a special year end offer. A short note for them who haven’t heard about Magazine3 before – Magazine3 is a premium WordPress theme increasingly growing popularity for its professional and beautiful looking WP themes. Magazine3 delivers one of the most gorgeous theme collection for WordPress today. I am a fan of its Problog ….

Godaddy is world’s #1 Domain Registrar no doubt so far and they have got a huge popularity for their exclusive features, support and credibility. Moreover they offer special promotion from time to time to make its customer’s happy. As a part of their promotion campaign, Godaddy has decided to make it customers’ more happy by offering “$3 .COM domain registration” for limited period ….

Optin Skin

In my early blogging life I spent many dollars purchasing blogging related tools and most of them I purchased after reading couple of good reviews. But very few stand out on them while many of them didn’t bring significant benefit to me! Today I am going to review one of my favorite opt in plugin Optin Skin which I consider as one of the best investment so far! Optin skin is such ….

document marketing robot

Document Marketing Robot is one of the fastest growing software developed by reputed internet marketer Stephen Hawkins. There is not enough supporting guide for the software yet. So I have tried to provide a good Document Marketing Robot Review so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not before you purchase. After working with several SEO tools, the concept of ‘document ….

Before starting with Article Builder tool, let’s have few basic scenario of auto blogging. Those who are in the world of internet marketing and specially in blogging must know how difficult it is to create contents regularly to keep their blogs alive. Some people really love to write but it comes as a headache when you need to write each and every day for all of your blogs. Sometimes ….