Revision Control Plugin to Limit WordPress Post Revisions

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Revision Control Plugin is a prominent WP plugin to control post revisions for your WordPress blog. Practically WordPress supports unlimited post revisions for any post, which place unnecessary load on WordPress database increasing its size.

What is Revision Control Plugin

Everytime you are saving a post, it is creating a post revision. Sometimes the number of post revisions are quite high for some posts. You can use a plugin named WP-Optimize or Better Delete Revisions to clean up the post revisions though, but prevention is better than cure specially if you are saving your posts often while drafting, such post revision control is necessary.

Revision Control Plugin allows to limit the maximum number of post revisions in a particular post. Following screenshots illustrate how the plugin works:

Revision Control Plugin to Limit WordPress Post Revisions


Revision Control Plugin WordPress

Those who are backing up WordPress blog regularly knows the importance of keeping the size smaller as possible for faster backup. In this situation such revision plugin can help keeping your database size smaller.

Finally, are you using Revision control plugin for your site? If not, how do you manage post revisions for your blog?

WordPress Revision Control Plugin

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