Search Engine Optimization Tips for High Search Engine Ranking

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays one of the most vital role for high search engine ranking. Many people think that SEO has died after last year’s Google Penguin and Panda update but at least I do not think so. I still believe that Search Engine Optimization is one of the most solid way to get high search ranking with a new blog which do not have a decent PR, authority rank or thousands of quality backlinks.

Search Engine Optimization Tips to Rank High in Search Engines

Above the Fold Content

Keep your important contents above the fold as much possible. Research suggest that visitors spend 80% of their time above the fold and 20% below the fold. Many bloggers do not keep this in mind. While making your site search engine optimization friendly, you should concentrate on this issue too. You can check the visibility of your above the fold site content with Google Browser Size Lab tool.

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Search Engine Optimization Tips for High Search Engine Ranking

Total Number of Links below 100

Google index only up to 100 links on any particular web page, so you should keep your total number of links below 100. If there are too many links then you can make some of the unimportant links as nofollow using rel=”nofollow” tag. Google download and index only up to 100 KB size of a page as well, so keep this is mind too while optimizing your site for both search engine and higher ranking.

Search Engine Optimization Tips with Ad Spaces

Advertising is a important part of monetization strategy. But too many ads above the fold can hurt your high search engine ranking. If you are new to “above the fold” issue: above the fold is the visible part of any webpage which you can see without scrolling further on the landing page. This concept basically came from newspaper where the top part or above the fold actually generates high value to the readers.

Increase Site Speed

Another Search Engine Optimization tips to get high Search Engine ranking is to increase website speed as it directly relates to the ranking of any website. You might check your site with Google Page Speed or GTmetrix tool if you are getting slow speed on your blog.

Image Optimization

Image is a essential part to make the blog post lively but too much image in a particular page may effect page load time. You should optimize post images and reduce size to increase speed. You might like to use secure CDN services like MaxCDN to host your images  on external servers which significantly increase speed.

Validate the Site

Search crawlers cannot crawl your site effectively when it has a number of errors in HTML, XHTML and so on. You should check your site with SEOMoz Crawl Test Tool (1 month free trial) or W3c Validatior tool and correct the errors as much possible.

Increase Authority for High Search Engine Ranking

Authority works like a trust that search engines like Google really weigh much. You would see that established sites and blogs with high authority tends to rank higher in search engines naturally. You can check the authority of your blog with Open Site Explorer tool and they allow up to 3 check on a single day on free version. Moreover the rank is updated every month, so make sure to check your blog authority at a regular interval.

If you keep in mind and implement above search engine optimization tips, it will definitely help you slowly to move towards high search engine ranking. In addition, if you have any useful SEO tips or suggestions, do share with us.

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