Google Disavow Tool

Since Google is the leader of search engines, getting organic search traffic from Google is one of the most important issue of a website’s success. Either your site is targeted to a product, getting organic traffic for that specific keyword can boost your sale a way lot! Or if you are in blogging, then getting Google visitors for different keywords will help you to increase traffic, ….

3 Google Chrome Seo Plugin : SEO Extension for Chrome Browser

Google Chrome has gained a rapid popularity over the last couple of years and being a lightweight browser and secured, Chrome users are also increasing super fast. When I check the Google Analytics, I find that Chrome is on the top of most used browser for visiting this blog. I believe everyone finds the same case in their Google Analytics! We who are in this blogging niche need to ….

6 Best Keyword Research Tools

In today’s competitive online world, the severity of competition is increasing and as a result the importance of proper keyword research for SEO is also increasing day by day. Hence it is getting difficult for any blog to outrank another blog which are on 1st page of SERP without proper keyword targeting and placement. After doing a lot of research and using a lot of tools, I have made ….

Top Onpage Optimization Factors for greater SEO Ranking

When we optimize any website for search engines, 2 factors come into consideration the most: On page optimization and Offpage optimization. Today we are going to discuss about on page optimization in SEO. On-page optimization are the factors that have an impact on natural search results. You have complete control on these factors and possible to optimize your posts and site for these ….

7 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Search Engine Optimization

We all know Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays a major role to rank a post higher in search engines like Google. Still we make some sort of mistakes while doing SEO. Such mistakes can effect the ranking of your blog and may results with a low outcome in the short and long run. Stated here 7 Common SEO Mistakes you should avoid while optimizing your blog and posts. Common SEO Mistakes ….

How Google Search Works

Google- being the largest search engine and accountable for more than 70% searches has the most advanced algorithm to crawl, index and show the most relevant results to its users. It only takes a fraction of second to display the result for the searched query. But did we ever imagine how Google search works so quick and accurate manner? How Google Search works – Infographic The whole ….

Search Engine Optimization Tips for High Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays one of the most vital role for high search engine ranking. Many people think that SEO has died after last year’s Google Penguin and Panda update but at least I do not think so. I still believe that Search Engine Optimization is one of the most solid way to get high search ranking with a new blog which do not have a decent PR, authority rank or ….

How to Verify Google+ Pages

If you have a Google+ page, then it is important that you verify it to get more authority and trust flow in the public as well as Google. Benefits of Google+ Page Verification It is definitely a trust mark to everyone that your page is real. Can Get more people adding your page in their circles. Google+ page verification qualifies your page to be considered in future for ‘Google ….