15 Ways to get Penalized by Google

In one of my earlier post I discussed about 5 reasons for getting Google penalty which should be avoided if you want to keep your blog in good standing for search engines. There are many other issues for which you get penalized by google and once you get the same, it is very difficult to recover and restore previous search rankings. So how could you get penalty from Google? Let’s see ….

Bing has introduced sitemap plugin to help webmasters to crawl their website more efficiently. We know the importance of having XML sitemap that helps to structure the URL and index them more effectively to gain a better search ranking. Sitemap improves search ranking or not- this is a doubtful question but there are obvious benefits of having one and many people like to have separate ….

Earlier we used to use Broken Link Checker Tools to check broken links with 404 errors and others.  This generally take a long time if your site has a huge database and sometimes site also get crashed. But you can check the crawl errors from Google Webmaster Tools which is really handy and give you more insights about the crawl error. How to Find & Fix Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster ….

When I started receiving (not provided) keywords from Google Analytics data for organic searches, I was just wondering whether I am not receiving any organic traffic from search engines for those not provided keywords! How shocked I was! Ha ha. When I did some research and found the reason for such, then I started to take some relief. 🙂 This post is dedicated to the newbies who have ….

Quintura Keyword Research Tool: Download & Track LSI keyword for Free

Quintura is basically a creative and interactive search cloud based search engine. This is the first intuitive search engine aims for children’s safe browsing. However our main concern is actually the Quintura keyword tracking tool. It can be used as a free LSI keyword research tool which comes up with related keywords based on the top ranked websites. How to Search LSI keywords with ….

If your blog has gone live online since last couple of months and you are updating fresh contents regularly, then possibility is that Google index your new post almost immediately after you publish. Here at TheTopBlogger we normally get our pages indexed within minute. But sometimes Google crawler make delay to index specific posts but that is very rare in case. I couldn’t find a solution ….

Help Google Crawler to Crawl your Blog More Effectively

Google indexation and ranking higher in Google SERP to get organic search visitors is the primary aim for almost all the bloggers. But have you made your blog search engine friendly for Google crawler? There was a time when it used to take 1 week or more to get a page indexed by Google. Those days have gone and now Google crawl and index your new page within hours, if not minutes. From ….

Check PR in Bulk with Bulk PageRank Checker Tool

Google just updated its latest PR yesterday- 4th Feb 2013 for the first time in this year and the excitement still going on between site owners to check the PageRank of their sites. PageRank is considered as an important factor to get higher ranking, building credibility and reputation as well as bringing more income from advertisements. How Do You Check PageRank? You must be using ….