How to Show Excerpts in WordPress Using Auto Excerpt Everywhere Plugin

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Some WordPress theme has built-in functionality to automatically pull content from the post to show as a excerpt, but if your theme doesn’t has the functionality then the option you have is to customize your custom_functions.php or add a “read more” text. But many newbies are not familiar to modify the custom_functions.php and adding a read more text for each post is also a difficult job.

Then the final option is implementing a plugin which can automatically show excerpt for your every post. One of such cool plugin is Auto Excerpt Everywhere which I am currently using on this blog.

How to Show Excerpts for Your Posts

At first download the Auto Excerpt Everywhere plugin free from WordPress repository.

After installation and activation done, go to Settings > Auto Excerpt Everywhere.

auto excerpts everywhere plugin to show excerpts for wordpress

It will bring you the option menu. Adjust the necessary settings like :

Excerpt Length : Choose how many characters/letters you would like to show as excerpt. It will pull the content from the beginning of your post.

Read More Text : Add your Read more text here. For example, you can add dots “…” or brackets (….) which will be displayed after the excerpt.

Read More Button/Image URL : If you like to show a button or image instead of text, add the URL in this location.

Include Post Thumbnail : If can also show Post Thumbnail and align them but I prefer not to use this option as it sometimes not working correctly. I am using “Thumbnail for Excerpts” plugin for the function.

Disable in RSS feeds and homepage : You can choose whether you want to exclude RSS and homepage from displaying the post excerpt. If uncheck it will automatically show post excerpt for these sections.

Once you set the settings, click on save and refresh your home page. Adjust the excerpt length in Auto Excerpt Everywhere plugin settings if you do not see it fits with your thumbnail and home page settings.

Your Turn

Which function you are using to show excerpts for your WordPress blog? Please share!

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