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Show Recent Posts in a Fashionable Manner

Special Recent Posts pro is a pretty effective plugin which displays recent posts along with thumbnails inside widget or sidebar on your WordPress site. It’s an ideal option for online magazines or blogs plus it includes over 60+ customization options. Moreover with only $6 it is such a cheap premium plugin that anyone can afford!

Special Recent Posts PRO Features

Wonderful Dynamic Widget Interface
Thumbnail Adaptive Resize
More than 60 Customization Options
Advanced Post Filtering Techniques
Advanced Post Content Display
Multiple Widget Configurations
Thumbnail cache support
PHP Code/Shortcodes support

Special Recent Posts Pro

1. More than 60 customization options

Special Recent Posts PRO comes with more than 60 available options that let you customize quite everything about your recent posts.

2. Fantastic thumbnail processing

Thumbnails are rendered via an adaptive resize process which lets you select the right dimensions without stretching or scaling the original images.

3. Beautiful Dynamic Widget Interface

The widget is enclosed in a beautiful interface with sliding panels, for a better management and easy-to-find options.

4. Advanced post filtering techniques

With SRP you can filter your recent posts by categories, tags, custom post types and many more criterias.

5. Auto generated shortcode/PHP code

SRP has a built-in feature that auto-generates the shortcode or PHP code to embed in your template files. No more time spent on boring configurations. Just copy and paste.

6. Multi Layout settings

SRP comes with three layouts available for immediate use. The single list layout, the single row and the multi-column layout. All available with a simple click.

Get Special Recent Posts Pro only at $6!

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