5 Static Pages Your Website Should Have

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

There are 2 type of pages every website basically has: Static and Dynamic. Those who are new and not sure the difference between static vs dynamic pages: Dynamic pages are those which frequently changes over time; such as the homepage of a blog, whereas static pages do not  change frequently or remain unchanged over the course of time.

Static Vs Dynamic: Static Pages you Should have

This is a checklist whether your blog or website has below 5 static pages or not. If not, then you might consider including them soon.

Contact Page

A contact page is a must have static page to get the visitors in touch with you. They might have any query, offer, suggestion as well as asking for paid advertisements on your blog. If you are using WordPress, then several cool contact form plugins are available in the repository.

About Page

An about page is useful for visitors to know more about the blog owner. If you are new to blogging, then about page will help you to get exposure and build credibility and trust, which is a vital factor to succeed online.

Static Pages Checklist: Static vs Dynamic

Privacy Policy

Your website must have a privacy policy that inform readers how the cookies and informations are collected and handled by your website. If you haven’t created a privacy policy page yet, then refer to my earlier guide on how to create privacy policy using plugin or create privacy policy with free privacy policy generator tools.

Advertisement Page

Once your blog start receiving 200 visitors per day, then you ought to create a advertisement page to guide interested advertisers about price and other factors. You must mention your blog PageRank, Alexa Rank, Advertising Options, Placement, Price etc. in details to attract advertisers on your blog.

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Guest Post Submission

Guest post is going viral after Google Panda, Penguin and Zebra updates and when your blog grows and receive PR, you should see couple of interested bloggers seeking to submit guest posts on your blog. You should make a detailed and clear guest post submission guildeline for this.

Additional: Comment Redirection

This is optional but very useful if you have a squeeze page or something to offer or build your email list, you might like to redirect first time commenter into any of the above mentioned pages. The plugin Comment Redirection from Yoast might be handy for doing so.

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