Blogging is one of the most reputed and secured way to earn money from online. You do not have to wait to get work, do not have to negotiate with others or anything else. What you need is to take blogging as a hobby, have good writing skill, have to be patient and work hard for first couple of months or years. Once your blog get established, you do not need to look behind. It will ….

Blog Post Checklist

It requires a significant amount of time if you write an article with practical and useful informations in it. Sometimes you need to do some research before writing an article so that your thoughts become more constructive and you are able to share your best views in the post. If you are thinking to get higher rankings in search engines, there are certainly some checklist before you ….

how to increase traffic

Blogging tips are often shared by professional bloggers across the web, but most of the time you feel that these are not helping you from the start to increase your blog visitors. Now, in this article I am going to tell you only 5 steps to get 1000 visitors a day for bloggers and help you to increase traffic to your blog / website and start your successful blogging journey. Although, ….

professional blogger

People started blogging in the early Y2K’s. That time it was a new identity to feature themselves as a blogger and spend their time in blogging. Since then the nature of Blogging has changed a lot. At present, blogging can be a full time business and most bloggers actually just love to do it. Blogging normally requires creating lots of content, so if you can find some ways to create ….

link building strategies

Link building constitutes an important role in SEO activities as well as it can be both expensive and time-consuming. Many large organizations outsource their link building strategies but is it really effective? Yes they can get the most from it when they have complete control over the process. Unless it can ruin your search engine positions as well as reputation. Common Mistakes in ….

15 Ways to Make Money Online with Your Website

Earning profits from your website or blog is very common today. For quite a while, professional bloggers and publishers are using their own website as a profitable medium to create money on the web. If you have a website as well as a blog that offers a value to the visitors, you too can make money online through the strategies listed in this post. 15 Ways to Make Money Online 1. Affiliate ….

how to start blogging

Blogging is a hobby as well as medium of earnings which requires a lot of dedication and patience. If you are serious about your blogging business, then you need to put a lot of effort into it. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. The success of your blog solely depends on your planning and strategy. How to Start Blogging So how to start blogging for the first time? Before starting ….

Before starting this post, at first I would like to congratulate the top Blogger Darren Rowse on his successful completion of 10 years blogging journey. There are very few people in the blogging world who haven’t heard the name of Darren Rowse – popular for his top blogging masterpiece site Problogger, which is considered as an ideal for all bloggers. On this special anniversary he ….