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Blogging is one of the most reputed and secured way to earn money from online. You do not have to wait to get work, do not have to negotiate with others or anything else. What you need is to take blogging as a hobby, have good writing skill, have to be patient and work hard for first couple of months or years. Once your blog get established, you do not need to look behind. It will ….

Earlier we used to use Broken Link Checker Tools to check broken links with 404 errors and others.  This generally take a long time if your site has a huge database and sometimes site also get crashed. But you can check the crawl errors from Google Webmaster Tools which is really handy and give you more insights about the crawl error. How to Find & Fix Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster ….

Google AdSense doesn’t need you to sell any products or services, you are just selling advertising space on your website. And the best part is that Google doesn’t discriminate between websites; so any website owner can enroll with Google AdSense program as long as it adheres to the Google AdSense program policies. Moreover, setting up a Google AdSense account is so easy that you ….

The revenue that you earn from Google AdSense program is totally dependent on you and your abilities. You need to learn various techniques for placing ads in your site. Actually no one can tell that this or that technique is the best, as best ads placement varies from site to site depending on the site structure. But if you keep some basic things in mind and also experiment with your ….