Top 10 Plugins

It is a true fact that interesting as well as the original content always gets the maximum priority to the blogger. If you want to gain the popularity as well as subscribers, then there is no confusion that quality of content is the best way. After that you will need to concentrate on the design and navigation of your site. There are a huge amount of Word Press plugins which will assist ….

Spam Comments

Spam is considered as a major problem for WordPress blogs and by nature WP blogs are greatly effected by spam comments. Thanks to Akismet – the default WordPress plugin which is like a guard defending your Wordpress sites. WP users do not need to worry much about spam as there are obviously certain techniques to fight with spam comments in your blog. Techniques to reduce Spam Comments The ….

how to start blogging

Blogging is a hobby as well as medium of earnings which requires a lot of dedication and patience. If you are serious about your blogging business, then you need to put a lot of effort into it. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. The success of your blog solely depends on your planning and strategy. How to Start Blogging So how to start blogging for the first time? Before starting ….

auto delete spam comments akismet comment

Akismet is the best comment spam protection plugin which comes by default with WordPress installation. Akismet provides the basic protection to fight with web spam. By default Akismet comment settings automatically delete the comments after 30 days from its database which it has considered  as spam. However you might not always like this default settings specially when you need to ….

There is a certain time when visitors might want to get updated with the post they are currently commenting. Hence a user should give the option for comment subscription to be notified any update through email. Subscribe to Comments is such a wonderful plugin that enable visitors to subscribe for email notification of the related entries. The plugin has a fully subscription manager ….

If you are in the process of creating WordPress sites, then the most boring part after WP and theme setup is to install each plugin separately. Because the default WordPress interface support only 1 plugin installation at a time and if you are using FTP to install multiple plugins in WordPress that can also be a time consuming job depending on server speed. How to Install Multiple WordPress ….

Optin Skin

In my early blogging life I spent many dollars purchasing blogging related tools and most of them I purchased after reading couple of good reviews. But very few stand out on them while many of them didn’t bring significant benefit to me! Today I am going to review one of my favorite opt in plugin Optin Skin which I consider as one of the best investment so far! Optin skin is such ….

WP PageNavi is the most popular page navigation plugin for WordPress. Since Wordpress default navigation menu isn’t so user friendly and do not have the option to jump from one page to another in a single click (such as from Page 1 to Page 9), Page navigation plugin really helps a visitor to search through. Moreover it also helps visitors to know how many pages are there and gives a ….