Choosing the right keyword is one of the most important factor for high search engine ranking and it is always a tedious job to find the right keyword everytime, turn them into blog posts; and the most sad part is that when those keywords do not rank high in search engines – all your hard work has gone! If you are a internet marketer or blogger, then you might have come through ….

Backup buddy wordpress plugin

If you’re not backing up, sooner or later it may happen that something in your electronic world crashes and you’re going to lose your stuffs. Then you might recall the proverb “Prevention is better than cure”!! Because sometimes there is not enough cure to regain the health. You can minimize even restore the damage by backing up the data of your computer. Now a days people are ….

tips to increase alexa ranking

Before starting about Alexa Ranking and how to increase Alexa Ranking tips, have a quick discussion on what is Alexa. Alexa is a website information company that is well known for its website ranking and toolbar. It is a subsidiary company of and provides information about global ranking, traffic data and other important information of a website. What is Alexa Ranking So what ….

document marketing robot

Document Marketing Robot is one of the fastest growing software developed by reputed internet marketer Stephen Hawkins. There is not enough supporting guide for the software yet. So I have tried to provide a good Document Marketing Robot Review so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not before you purchase. After working with several SEO tools, the concept of ‘document ….

Before starting with Article Builder tool, let’s have few basic scenario of auto blogging. Those who are in the world of internet marketing and specially in blogging must know how difficult it is to create contents regularly to keep their blogs alive. Some people really love to write but it comes as a headache when you need to write each and every day for all of your blogs. Sometimes ….

thesis theme pricing

Thesis Theme is the most powerful and popular premium theme for WordPress that is developed by Pearson and his team. Rather than the name Thesis is not only a theme; it is a complete framework for building any search engine optimized site and blog. More than 50,000 webmasters and bloggers rely on Thesis for its highly customizable design flexibility, search engine optimization and ….