Backup buddy wordpress plugin

If you’re not backing up, sooner or later it may happen that something in your electronic world crashes and you’re going to lose your stuffs. Then you might recall the proverb “Prevention is better than cure”!! Because sometimes there is not enough cure to regain the health. You can minimize even restore the damage by backing up the data of your computer. Now a days people are ….

how to start blogging

Blogging is a hobby as well as medium of earnings which requires a lot of dedication and patience. If you are serious about your blogging business, then you need to put a lot of effort into it. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. The success of your blog solely depends on your planning and strategy. How to Start Blogging So how to start blogging for the first time? Before starting ….

auto delete spam comments akismet comment

Akismet is the best comment spam protection plugin which comes by default with WordPress installation. Akismet provides the basic protection to fight with web spam. By default Akismet comment settings automatically delete the comments after 30 days from its database which it has considered  as spam. However you might not always like this default settings specially when you need to ….

Backup Buddy Wordpress Database Backup Plugin

Being the best blogging platform WordPress is the center-of-attention for many developers and hence many free as well as premium plugins are developing on a regular basis. In the same way WordPress is vulnerable to brute force attack, so the site owners need to have some caution from their end. If you are using WordPress, it is always important that you have scheduled WordPress Database ….

There are a lot of arguments whether external links in WordPress should make nofollow or keep it as dofollow. The debate is still going on but the main theory is that if you link to high quality and high PR sites, then obviously those external links are worthy to search engines. However you should avoid linking on low quality and spammy sites for your own benefit. There are few plugins ….

Thesis Theme

Sometimes you might be looking to hide your author name in WordPress, specially when you are using Thesis it is quite easy to do that. Those who are familiar with WordPress might be familiar with Thesis which is the most powerful framework for creating any WordPress theme. If you are not using Thesis still, you can read a review here. Hide Author Name in Thesis Theme from Byline This ….

WP PageNavi is the most popular page navigation plugin for WordPress. Since Wordpress default navigation menu isn’t so user friendly and do not have the option to jump from one page to another in a single click (such as from Page 1 to Page 9), Page navigation plugin really helps a visitor to search through. Moreover it also helps visitors to know how many pages are there and gives a ….

WordPress by default shows date to posts and one of the major problem in blogging is that older posts get less attention to regular readers and even whenever a visitors come from search engine and see the post date 1, 2 or more years back, they usually feel less interest on it though the post is good enough. So how to get rid of such problem? Obviously you can edit your core file ….