Tips for Writing Effective Headlines

by Taswir Haider in Internet Marketing

Headlines are important not only to draw user attention but also engage them with your article. Many online marketers tend to not giving much attention on writing effective headlines but they should spend a minute or two to think and decorate their title headlines with effective words.

10 Tips for Writing Effective Headlines

1. Your headline should offer something that your target market is interested in.

2. If your product is new or improved, say so in the headline.

3. Do not just invoke curiosity in your headline, make it interesting.

writing headlines4. Always avoid negativity, turn the negative statement into a positive one.

5. Your headline should be trustworthy.

6. Avoid making your headline too short to express your main point.

7. Avoid tricky headlines that may make your readers think negatively.

8. Give idea in your headline that your article contains related information.

9. Never trust your own reaction. Instead, get the reaction of someone else to your headlines.

10. If you emphasize a word in your headline, make sure that word is important and means something.

11. Finally try to limit your headlines within 6~12 words for better SEO.

Try to write headline like “how to”, “5 tips to”, “Step by step guide” or exclamatory headlines more, since they attract the visitors most. Good luck!

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