How to Sell Website on Flippa : 7 Useful Tips

by Taswir Haider in Make Money Online

If you have read my earlier post on Domain Flipping and Website Flipping Business, you must have known about different sites involved in buying & selling websites. Flippa is the largest one of them. Many sellers tend to sell websites on Flippa end up with failure for the lack of strategy. So today I am going to discuss on how to sell website on Flippa. For this, you need to have some homework before proceeding.

Sell Websites on Flippa

So let’s start with Flippa selling tips and bring the most for you:

1. Is your website making money?

You may not get a good value unless your website is getting a considerable amount of money per month. For example, if your site is earning $200 per month, then you might end up selling at $5000 or more for it. This is just a tentative idea and may be more or less and doesn’t need to have any relation with the actual. Some buyers may also be willing to invest good value considering your domain name, so nothing is rational in auction.

In general sense, good earning sites should get more value, right? But what happens if your website is not having any traffic and not earning any money. If your website is facing such problem, it is the time to build traffic and increase your income. You can monetize your site through Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and other monetization techniques.

how to sell website on flippa

2. Do you have Google Analytics Data?

Some serious buyers tend to see the Google Analytics Data for traffic and others. Do you have Google Analytics code in your site? If not, register and place the code today. Serious buyers want to match your actual claim and the analytics result. They also want to make sure whether your traffic is stable for last couple of months.

3. The Auction length

It is better to set a reasonable length for auction. Many sellers tend to set a higher length say 30 days to get more exposure. Since this is an auction, many buyers who will notice the auction in the beginning or mid period might leave it considering there are still plenty of days to go. Many buyers might also forget about the specific listing.

So it is better if you keep the auction length around 7 days. Also make sure that your auction ends in a workday, because there are obviously more exposure in the workdays than weekend.

4. Set reasonable BIN price

Many serious buyers who are interested in your website look for BIN price and try to avoid the auction. If you set a high Buy It Now price, then you might probably loose those buyers. Your BIN price might be reasonable and if you do not have any idea, you can ask others to evaluate and give you a idea. To sell website on Flippa, it also has added an additional functionality to evaluate website which you can also check for reference.


5. Avoid hype in description

Many sellers tend to make their description hype by telling “The best one”, “Lifetime opportunity” etc which changes the interest of serious buyers. If the website really has such opportunity then why he is going to sell it! This type of commitment makes the offering unrealistic.

To sell website on Flippa, Try to add some values in your description. And also provide realistic information about your traffic and potential earnings so that potential buyers can think for this.

6. Answer to comments

It is a common thing that various questions may arise in potential buyers’ mind and they tend to ask you the questions through comments. Answer all the comments carefully and confidently. It is not good to delete any comments unless you have any specific reason for that.

7. Invite qualified buyers

It is a good strategy to invite qualified buyers directly to get more bids. For this browse the marketplace for either running or completed auction and find websites which are similar to yours and check the comments section. Try to find the users here who have a high trust rating asking questions about the auction. Then send them message to check your listing and you should receive few interested visitors from them based on your offering.

So plan your strategy before you sell website on Flippa. how do you manage your auctions at Flippa? If you have useful tips in mind, please share with us by using the comment box.

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